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Annalong Primary School Kilkeel

About Us


Annalong Primary School Nursery Unit is a cross community nursery offering learning for children between the ages of three and four years.

Situated within the Primary School grounds at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, the nursery boasts a bright, well maintained building, which has a comprehensive range of resources and equipment. It comprises an entrance hall, main play room, quiet room and enclosed outdoor play area.

We accommodate twenty six children on a full time basis and our daily sessions run from 8.50am-1.15/1.30pm. Our staff consists of a qualified teacher with specialist nursery training and two nursery assistants who work as a team to create a caring, supportive ethos where all pupils are happy and learning effectively. We recognise the important role of parents in supporting this learning and so aim to foster open, positive relationships with parents at all times.


In Annalong Primary School Nursery Unit we are committed to the development of the whole child.

We provide the children with opportunities through play and other experiences to develop learning associated with; the arts, language development, early mathematical experiences, personal, social and emotional development, physical development and movement and the world around us.

While promoting the children’s feelings of security, self-esteem and confidence we encourage them to care for and value each other, to appreciate one another’s strengths and needs and to care for materials and equipment.

We plan to create an exciting and stimulating environment where children can experience success and begin to develop the skills and dispositions that they will need to be life-long learners.


It is the intention of Annalong Primary School Nursery Unit that each child should be given opportunities to

  • Settle smoothly into the nursery environment.
  • Make the vital link between home, nursery and eventually compulsory schooling.
  • Play in a safe, secure, healthy and stimulating environment with adequate adult supervision.
  • Investigate, satisfy their curiosity and explore the environment both inside and outside the playroom.
  • Grow in self-confidence, experience success, and develop a positive self-image along with a positive attitude to learning.
  • Develop at his/her own rate through challenging, progressive play.
  • Form relationships and communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings with increased clarity to the teacher/ nursery assistant and their peers with a view to forming friendships.
  • Lengthen their concentration span and maintain attention through his/her natural curiosity and interest.
  • Choose and explore a wide range of materials which allow him/her to express him/herself appropriately and creatively.
  • Talk about and value their own work and that of other children’s and share this with parents.
  • Appreciate, understand and practice social skills by working as part of a group or class, taking turns and sharing fairly.
  • Develop an awareness of his/her body’s capabilities and limits in a safe environment.
  • Recognise the importance of keeping healthy and develop good habits of health and hygiene.